Mum’s Spaghetti

Animation, Fiction

MC mastermind Poppy and her beatboxing border terrier Snoop are the new kids in town – and they’re ready to make their reputation known. Straight A’s and bubble baths are their way of life – but when confronted by an older crew en-route to her first day at school, Poppy quickly changes her tune.

Winner of a student Academy Award
Semi-finalist in the Yugo Student BAFTA awards
Premiere at Edinburgh International Film Fest

Director: Lisa Kenney
Writer: Jack Maraghy
Producer: Emma Grazette
Production Designer: Luke Stronach
Cinematographer: Toby Lloyd
Editor: Harry Foster
Composer: Hannah Barnett
Sound Designer: Luke Barnfather
Colourist: Mara Ciorba

Viewing link available on request.

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