Eternal Hourglass

Fiction, Short

The “Eternal Hourglass” follows an old woman, Anita, in her home as she comes to terms with a terrible choice she had to make 60 years previously when fleeing Eastern Europe to England. The guilt of choosing between her ‘degenerate artist’ lover involving a dangerous escape, and her career as an acrobat presents itself in a nightmarish scenario where the lines between what’s real, what’s memory and what’s a fantasy become blurred. It is a short psychological thriller exploring the colourful, tragic and often secret stories of elderly people so frequently alone, ignored and rejected by society.

Director and Writer: Joanna Vymeris
Producer: Jen Smith
Cinematographer: Jack Edwards
Editor: Harry Foster
Composer: Lucas Wide
Sound Designer: Itzel Gonzalez-Estrada
Colourist: Mara Ciorba

Viewing link available on request.

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